Welcome to The Icelandic StudBook

Are you insterested in breeding your mare, but aren’t sure what stallions are available for breeding in North America, where they are located, or how to contact their owners? Or perhaps you are a stallion owner, and you would like to promote your stallion’s studding availability.

The StudBook can help.

  • The StudBook is a yearly publication with a comprehensive listing of USIHC registered stallions in the United States and in CIHF registered in Canada.
  • The stallion listings include the stallion’s lineage, registration number, evaluation and BLUP scores, location, owner, contact information for breeding, if live breeding is offered, AI and / or hand breeding, and photo(s) of the stallion.
  • In addition to a stallion listing, The StudBook features lists of the top 10 scoring stallions in all divisions.
  • The StudBook features and offers a listing of the next generation of stallions – young stallions (2-3 year olds). These young stallion listings include the stallion’s lineage, USIHC / CIHF registration number, BLUP scores, location, owner, contact information for breeding, and a photo of the young stud.
  • The StudBook also features articles on breeding, and breeding related subjects.
  • Advertisers of Icelandic horse related services and products both in North America, as well as in Iceland and Europe can be found in the publication.
  • The StudBook magazine and website showcase photos by premiere Icelandic horse photographers.
  • The StudBook is printed on premium glossy paper and is professionally designed to best showcase the stallions, advertisements and content.

To list your stallion, to advertise, or to subscribe to The StudBook, or for further information, please call or email us.

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